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 Martial Arts 

Here you can find out about the Martial Arts the you can participate in at Artwise

JUDO (CHILDREN)- This club had other 50 members and is expertly taught by Sensei's Invisible and Fakeman. There are currently 50 members. No judo is to be practiced outside the club unless in self-defence

JUDO (ADULTS)- The adult class is for adults (duh) and Juniors that have reached above brown belt. The classes are taught by Sensei's Invisible, Fakeman and Notreal.

GO-SHIN-JUTSU- This class is for adults only as it is a lot more violent than Judo. To apply for joining previous Martial Arts training is required. Has a 5 foot punchbag for practising striking attacks

KARATE- This class is also for adults only and requires a blue belt in Go-shin-jutsu to join.