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On this page you can find out more about the facilities open to you at Artwise

LOUNGE- Here you can just laze about and watch TV, play games or whatever you really want to do (within reason)

MUSIC HALL- This is a huge room fitted with large mirrors so that you can watch yourself practice dance routines. Fitted with a 50 watt CD Hi-Fi this hall will remain loud at all times

THEATRE HALL- This hall has a large stage with curtains, lighting systems and everything needed to perform any shakespeare play (or something a bit more interesting)

MEDIA CENTRE- This equipment in this room is amazingly expensive and allows for full Media editing. Music videos, films or plays can be recorded and directed here

ART CENTRE- Here you can paint, draw or even graffitti the outside of Artwise's wall (its legal). Most major projects are displayed in the lounge area

OUTSIDE- Not much to say about this. There is a hardcourt and a graffitti wall.